Telangana Ambassador Sania Mirza warned

Sania Mirza the ace tennis star who is the ambassador for the Telangana Government was warned by the Advertisements standards council that the chicken advertisement being published and aired by Sania was wrong. It is misleading as the Chicken being sold by the poultry industry was done with the help of drugs and steroids and that they should not be propagated in the name of improving the health and fitness.

The council has suggested that Sania should modify or withdraw the Advertisement. The poultry industry is misusing the antibiotics said ASCI. The chicken centre for science and environment said that the antibiotic residue was found in the chicken taken from the poultry industry and that they were artificially bred and grown.

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The Centre for Science and Environment welcomes the recent decision of ASCI to declare the advertisement featuring Sania Mirza “misleading” by facts, exaggeration and ambiguity, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said in a statement. In the same fashion earlier Amit Bachchan was also warned and he as promptly withdrew from an advertisement as ti was misleading the people in the name of Bachchan. Even the cricket God Sachin Tendulkar has withdrawn from some ads as he was sued to mislead the public in general.



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