Tejashwi says single largest party for PM post

Tejashwi Yadav even though closely working with the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi did not endorse his name for the post of PM. When asked if Rahul Gandhi was going to be the candidate for the PM, he said that if Congress becomes the single largest party Rahul will be the candidate he opined. Beating about the bush he said that whichever party becomes the single largest after the election, that party will get the chance to go for the PMs post he opined.

tejaswi yadav, rahul gandhi

Tejashwi as the nominee for Lalu Yadav has been working against the BJP and raising his voice against the Modi regime. He was one to call on the governor and stake claim for the power saying that he is the head of the single largest party and that he must be called for the CMs post. That lead to the formation of a different government at Karnataka led by the Congress in the name of Gowda.

It is reported that Tejashwi met Rahul Gandhi for more than an hour and discussed the politics and the future scenario.He was clear that the numbers play the major role in deciding the PM candidate in the near future. It could be Mamatha Maya or Rahul Gandhi. The party getting more number of seats from the combined opposition will get the stake for PMs post.



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