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Teja blocks Srireddy

Teja the film director has announced on record that he would give chance to Srireddy in two films. It may be noted that Srireddy was vocal in saying that she was cheated and used by the filmi people in the name of giving roles and work.

She was on the verge of naming some people who used her. She even said that if you go to bed only you will get roles. But she was used and roles were not given to her. Most of the social media and the TV media focused on this subject and Srireddy is almost a celebrity without roles.

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To put an end to this mudslinging episode and to save the filmi people from further embarrassment Teja on record sympathised with the lady and offered roles in two movies. Let’s hope she will keep her mouth shut for the time being. Tollywood people say that some big fish could be involved and he might be using Teja to keep Srireddy calm.

But there are some people who said that Srireddy used them to get roles or ask for work. This is for the first time that a lady went to the media and blamed the men in the industry for luring her using her and finally not giving any work. The media lapped the content like a lollypop and it is still viral on the social media.



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