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Teja says offer to Srireddy is valid

Srireddy is in the limelight with NHRC calling for state and centre to explain on the ongoing ruckus in Telangana. Now that MAA has permitted Srireddy to work with any of its members, now director Teja who is close to the Suresh Productions family members has offered two movies to her and one of them is with Venkatesh the uncle of Abhiram who is alleged to have used Srireddy in his Ramanaidu studios.

The other film is a biopic of NTR with Balakrishna and Teja is directing the movie.

Now Srireddy need not shout from the rooftops that she is not getting offers. Teja has offered her two films and said that the offer was still open and now she can approach him. She can get the MAA card also.

Teja says offer to Srireddy is valid

Now it has to be seen how the Ministry of cinematography would proceed against the culprits who exploited women in the Tollywood and one has to see how many ladies would come forward in giving the evidence against the big people of the industry.

The other issue is will Srireddy share the videos that she has been talking about with the investigating agencies.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Suresh Babu is the man who has fielded Teja to take Srireddy in the films so that she will not spill the beans further against Suresh productions and the family members.

But Srireddy is very clever and she will not budge. It is reported that some media men are trying to negotiate with Srireddy so that she will keep quiet and nothing comes out in the near future. She has done enough damage to the image of Daggubati family and also Dilraju the star producer.



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