Teja is the director says Balaiah

Balaiah Babu is a busy man these days. He is under pressure to launch the movie titled as NTR and being made afterlife and times of his father who was an earth shaker like KCR who revolted against the Congress and Indira Gandhi.

Teja is continuing as the director of NTR and the movie will be launched by the March end on the formation of the TDP which was done by his late father and which has come to power in just 9 months time.

It was NTR who shook the nation by opposing the Congress misrule and now it is KCR who is opposing the Modi rule.

Teja is the director says Balaiah

When it comes to the movie, it is being scheduled to release for Sankranthi next and it could be just before the elections in Andhra.

But Balakrishna says it has got nothing to do with politics. But the TDP cadres are pinning hopes on the movie that it would be useful for the elections indirectly.

Just the name of NTR creates magic among the masses and if his movie is released the TDP is bound to get the mileage. Earlier there were some differences between Balaiah and Teja.

But now they have joined again to complete the movie in the stipulated schedule. The cost is around Rs 60 crore and it is being planned to be done in the said budget.



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