TDP will lose in 2019 predicts Pawan

Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan lashed out both at the state and centre. He said that the centre did not give special status and both Babu and Lokesh are corrupt he alleged.

It is corrupt Andhra he lashed out at the TDP.

He did not spare Jagan and said that one need not be a CM to attend the Assembly. He said NTR gave Rs 2 a kilo rice, but what did this TDP government do for the people he questioned.

NTR will really feel bad seeing the corruption Lokesh he said. Does Babu know about this he questioned?

People will elect a new government in 2019 he said. The TDP is bound to lose he said.

We will show in Panchayat elections, Municipal elections what Jana Sena can do said Pawan Kalyan. Arun Jaitley has done a lot of injustice to AP he said.

I am just a son of a police constable and my father worked here in Mnagalagir and I was born in Bapatla said Pawan Kalyan. I love and respect the society and people.

We have to take care of our people as Delhi always ignores us he said.

The TDP leaders are lying all the time he said. It was for people that I campaigned he said. It was for AP development and not the development of TDP. Development should be for all he opined.

The centre is playing with the sentiments of people and the YSRC people don’t come to Assembly. Will you come to Assembly only if you become CM he questioned Jagan.

I voted for BJP but I did not join them. There is a lot of corruption in Andhra he said. Fatima college students are in trouble and the TDP did nothing for the medical students here he said.



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