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Are TDP MPs men?

When YRSC MPs under the leadership of Jagan talked about the special status, MP JC Diwkar Reddy challenged the YSRC MPs to resign from the MP posts if they are real men. After taking some time the MPs have resigned and are on a hunger strike. Now, what will JC the senior man do be a big question?

 Are TDP MPs men?

This act of YSRC MPs has given a sudden impact to TDP and its chief Nara Chandra Babu Naidu. They do not know what to do. Will they resign or not depends on the decision of Chandrababu. Already two central ministers from TDP has been sacrificed to save face in the public. Now the pressure is mounting on the TDP MLAs to resign from the posts for the sake of Special status.
 Are TDP MPs men?
Now JC must prove that he is a man with potency and also the other MPs of the TDP.
The graph of Jagan and the YSRC is growing in the state of AP. The padayatra or roadshow being done by Jana Sena chief along with communists is also getting good response.

Now Babu is on a cycle yatra to counter all these other yatras, but there was lukewarm response. Meanwhile, Modi is gearing up to contest in AP and Telangana all alone. The situation is better for the BJP in AP as it is a multi-cornered contest. TDP will have anti-incumbency and Janasena will divide the votes as well as the BJP. Congress is nowhere.

The situation is that Babu might buy some more time for the MPs but finally, they have to resign for the sake of people and votes.



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