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Is TDP Galla funding Congress?

We are talking about Galla Jaydev the MP from Guntur and the relative our Prince Mahesh Babu. Galla is a businessman apart from being in politics and produces Amaron brand of batteries.

Even before the TDP broke off from the BJP, Galla was very unhappy with the Government as he could not get the tender for supplying Amaron batteries to the Government. This is a big business and Galla failed even after lobbying.

 Is TDP Galla funding Congress?
The contract was son by Exide and they were proven to be of better quality and a big band compared to Amaron of Galla Jaydev. He is the same Galla who has entertained Pawan Kalyan in foreign countries for campaigning in AP for BJP TDP combine in 2014.

Now Galla is peeved with the BJP as they did not give him the contract of batteries.
 Is TDP Galla funding Congress?
It is reported that Galla has sent crores of money to Congress party in Karnataka so that the BJP is trounced here and he will be back in business in Karnataka to start with. These are rumours going on in the local circles that the TDP MP was financing the Congress party here as there is a paucity of funds for them.

We do not know if the TDP Chief Chandrababu is aware of this. Galla also knows about this but he did not comment it is reported. Some TDP leaders when questioned said that it may be jus cock and bull story. Some others said it is pure business and nothing to do with politics. Only Galla will be able to clarify on this. Galla is organising the release of Bharat ane Nenu for Mahesh in Vijayawada as of now and is busy with the program. In politics and business, everything is possible.



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