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 TAUK stall with Charminar & KCR cut-out

High Commission of India and Indian community organisations celebrated 70 years of India’s Independence Day. Telangana Association of United Kingdom (TAUK) represented Telangana State by a separate stall setup at the event.


The programme started with High Commissioner  Y. K. Sinha unfurled the National Flag and addressed the crowd.

Thousands of Indian community members converged from all parts of UK to make this day a great success. Community organisations put up nearly 80 stalls offering various regions cuisines of India and put up a rich display of cultural programmes showcasing the cultural heritage of India.


TAUK stall was special attraction to the crowd as it resembles Telangana  Historical place Charminar and displayed Telangana Chief Minister Poster at the stall entrance, Telangana State History, Culture, Tourism, Development, Telangana Leadership, Telangana government achievements, Schemes …are displayed in the stall with relevant data, TAUK members explained to public who visited the stall.


Once Gain TAUK Pledged to support Telangana Governments and special efforts of Minister KTR to support weavers, arranged a pledge stand to the public to support and #Wearhandloom #wesupporthandloom.


Indian High Commissioner RK Sinha and British Parliament Members Virendra Sharma  & Seema Malhotra visited “Telangana Stall”  and appreciated TAUK members for their efforts in marketing Telangana on a global platform, they also said it is very inspiring to others.



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