Take small breaks- relieve stress

What you eat and how you lead your daily lifestyle may also go a long way in tackling occupational stress. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is likely to keep you from focusing and may down your productivity significantly.

Poor sleep is also known to induce stress, hamper productivity, trigger irritability, play with your ability to concentrate and may even lead to depression. A diet rich in junk and processed food items is an long known ally of stress. Certain food items are known to minimize the ill-effects of stress and help you focus at work. Load up on the following items to feel better.


Occupational stress is actually a thing of this world, which means that the place one works in is not conducive for a person’s professional or emotional growth, thereby triggering stressful events in an employee’s routine.

Inability to cope with occupational demands or failure to deliver as expected may also push people to feel stressed and even feel depressed. Managerial bullying, role conflict, lack of autonomy or barriers in career development may also trigger stress in employees.


While one of the best ways to mitigate the problem is by taking it up with your reporting manager, working on your attention and ability to focus, and devising ways to delegate work and manage your time better may also help deal with extra workload and pressure. Take small breaks from work to feel refreshed and pep yourself up by talking to a colleague.



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