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Take the coffee at the right time

Having coffee is good, but one must know when to have it . It is advisable to save one’s coffee consumption for a bit later and not juts reach for a cup as soon as they wake up.

The medical experts say, “Caffeine impacts on your body’s production of cortisol levels. When you drink coffee first thing in the morning, your body produces less cortisol and you become dependent on caffeine for your energy kick.” According to her this may explain why one feels addicted to fix a drink first thing in the morning.

 Take the coffee at the right time

2. It is far better to have coffee between 10am and 12pm when the cortisol levels in body are under control. The nutritionist says that one should ideally have finished with coffee by lunchtime, , however, switching to herbal teas or de-caf options throughout the afternoon.

3. Do not have coffee for at least six hours before sleep. According to Ms Cohen, the best time to grab a cup is 2pm

4. According to the experts, coffee can have a positive effect on a person’s workout is it is consumed before exercising. Because coffee is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, experts advice drinking it 30 minutes before a workout:

 Take the coffee at the right time

5. Finally, according to the nutritionists, one should not have more than 400mg of caffeine each day which is equal to 2-3 takeaway coffees or four homemade coffees more than which can lead on addiction.



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