Kathi Mahesh blames the Mega family Cinema Political Sports Top Stories 

Kathi Mahesh blames the Mega family

Kathi Mahesh the controversial journalist and film critic who blasted Pawan left and right now alleged that the Mega family and Konidela productions were behind the serious allegations levelled by Sunitha against him. He said that the mega family did not remove Vakada Apparao after several women complained against him... Read More
kathi Mahesh forced Sunitha? Cinema Top Stories 

kathi Mahesh forced Sunitha?

Now the so-called film critic and Journalist is blamed for forcing Sunitha. Sunitha a character artist made allegations on Kathi Mahesh that the man who talks for women has tried to rape her in his house. Sunitha said that she met him on facebook chatting and later they met at... Read More
Kousalya –Sunitha in trouble Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Kousalya –Sunitha in trouble

Singers Kousalya and Sunitha are among the leading singers of Telugu cinema known for sweet voice but having bad relations with husbands. Kousalya said that she is quite sensitive and is quite scared about reading articles that are written about her. Sunitha is bold and taking care of her children.... Read More
Singer Sunitha in a short film Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Singer Sunitha in a short film

Popular playback singer and dubbing artiste, Sunitha is news about her marriage, relationship and family issues. She went on explaining media about what actually happened, and the way she is moving forward in her life. But the rumors and the writeups in the media continued. The singer has had several... Read More