US will dominate the Space: Trump Political Top Stories 

US will dominate the Space: Trump

America should dominate the space and we do not want other countries to lead in this aspect said US President Donald Trump. China and Russia should not outpace America he opined. US will lead the exploration of the Moon and Mars in future he stated. Trump was speaking at the... Read More
Trump is the King on the Times cover Political Top Stories 

Trump is the King on the Times cover

The latest Edition of the Times magazine shows Donal Trump the US President being depicted as a king in the mirror reflection. Perhaps the illustration and the depiction means that Trump is behaving like a monarch or a king where he said that he has the right to Pardon himself.... Read More
US locked and loaded-World war III? Political Top Stories 

US locked and loaded-World war III?

The American military is locked and loaded for any eventuality against Syria. President Trump has made it very clear that if Assad tries for another Chemical attack Syria will not be spared. The Russain media has predicted that any aggression from Assad could lead to World war III. The UN... Read More
Soros blames Google & FB Business NRI Top Stories 

Soros blames Google & FB

George Soros believes that internet giants such as Facebook and Google have become a 'public menace' and only the EU has the power to stop them. He says that by influencing the way their users think without them realising it, the companies have made people easy to manipulate, and this... Read More
Trump is most oppressive leader NRI Top Stories 

Trump is most oppressive leader

US President Donald Trump has been named the world's most oppressive leader towards press freedom by a top journalism group. The Committee to Protect Journalists said its awards were designed to recognise "world leaders who have gone out of their way to attack the press and undermine the norms that... Read More
Baahubali-2 in Russia and Japan Cinema NRI Top Stories 

Baahubali-2 in Russia and Japan

Always Prabhas the soft-spoken star from South,used to say -Darling, yelanti cinema chesthunam thelusa?? International cinema chesthunnam darling (Do you realise the kind of film that we are making? It’s an international film!)“. Now, ‘Baahubali’ mania is set to reign supreme again. In an exciting development, ‘Baahubali 2’ is all... Read More
Biopic on ISRO Radha Business Cinema Top Stories 

Biopic on ISRO Radha

The entire story and Radhakrishnan the ISRO hero's life now have attracted Bollywood attention. Nikhil Advani wants to turn the big Indian space achievement into a blockbuster celluloid biopic. the ISRO was working on Mangalyaan-the Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM). The commitment, hard work and taking on tough challenges by scientists including... Read More
Modi @ BRICS summit Political Top Stories 

Modi @ BRICS summit

A summit of five major developing countries- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa- are meeting in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen. China is hosting the 9th annual BRICS summit. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was welcomed by Chinese President Xi Jingping at the International Conference Centre in Xiamen... Read More