Upasana Cherry challenge KTR Cinema Political Top Stories 

Upasana Cherry challenge KTR

The fitness challenge is catching up between the political and cinema personalities. KTR is very popular with the Tollywood heroes unlike our Lokesh the son of the CM of the other Telugu state. Lokesh is, in fact, unpopular with the cine people after the Nandi awards episode. Byt, unlike Lokesh... Read More
Cherry to be Police for the 3rd time Movies Top Stories 

Cherry to be Police for the 3rd time

You know that NTR and Cherry Ram Charan are bonding together for a movie with ace director Rajamouli. The movie has been temporarily titled as RRR. First, they said that it will be a sports-oriented movie and then they said it was not right and that there was no storyline... Read More
New friendships and bonding in Tollywood Cinema Movies Specials Top Stories 

New friendships and bonding in Tollywood

New friendships and bonding are happening in Tollywood. One may dub it as a publicity stunt, there is much more beyond really happening here with the Telugu stars. It happened first with Seethamma Vakitlo where Venkatesh and Mahesh together got a blockbuster with two stars coming together for Dil Raju.... Read More
Pawan comes to Rangasthalam Cinema Top Stories 

Pawan comes to Rangasthalam

Pawan Kalyan the Chacha of Charan has seen Rangasthalam. He liked the movie and also appreciated the acting ability of Charan and director Sukumar. Charan said that after Toliprema this is the movie he would like to see in the theatre. This is the talk of the town for this... Read More
Did Mahesh ask for Charan-NTR Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Did Mahesh ask for Charan-NTR

A lot of rumours and gossip is going on in Tollywood as to who invited Charan and NTR for the Bharat Ane Nenu function. Some said that it was Koratala Siva the director's idea to create a buzz among the fans and also to start a new precedent in Tollywood... Read More