Rahul bashes -Modiji for Modiji Political Top Stories 

Rahul bashes -Modiji for Modiji

PM Modi is bothered about himself, he is selfish and does not bother about others said Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief. He is not bothered about rapes, atrocities against Dalits and he is bothered about retain power in the next election and becoming the PM Rahul Charged. Modiji is just... Read More
Is Chiranjeevi hiding? Cinema Political Top Stories 

Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

It looks like Chiranjeevi the former Union Minister and the mega hero is observing a strategic silence. He is not talking politics in pen. But he is talking politics when people from the Congress and other parties are meeting him at his house in Jubilee Hills. When a Congress leader... Read More
Cash by Friday evening Business Political Top Stories 

Cash by Friday evening

The officials of the SBI said that the cash crunch in Telangana and Bihar would be resolved by the evening of Friday. The money is on the way and it will reach the respective destinations by Thursday evening they confirmed.  The issue is that the cash is not in circulation they stated. The cash... Read More
President Ramnath says it is shameful Political Top Stories 

President Ramnath says it is shameful

Kathua rape is shameful said the President Ramnath Kovind. He was addressing at a university along with the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti. He condemned the incident and questioned as to what kind of a society we are developing into. Such incidents occurring in part of the... Read More
Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul Political Top Stories 

Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi blamed the NDA Government and Modi for taking away many of the development works from Amethi and creating hurdles in the process of development. He assured that the people of Amethi that the constituency would be developed like Singapore and California. He has set a goal... Read More
Cash situation worsens Political Top Stories 

Cash situation worsens

There is no cash in many of the ATMs in Telugu states as well as Karnataka. The SBI officials have confirmed that in 3 to 5 states there is cash crunch and it has to be addressed. The RBI officers said that Currency printing is also being ramped up so... Read More
Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai Political Top Stories 

Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today blamed the PM Modi for the cash crunch in various parts of the country. He said that it was demonetisation which spoiled the Banking system. Rahul said that NDA government disturbed the banking system and there is no cash in the ATMs. Rahul said that... Read More
BJP is Balatkar Janata Party Political Top Stories 

BJP is Balatkar Janata Party

Kamalnath the senior Congress leader said that the BJP should be branded as Balatkar Janata Party. He said that around 20 BJP lawmakers are said to be in rape cases according to some media reports. The other day Kuldeep Singh MLA was booked for rape. The people must consider if... Read More