Shut your mouths says Modi Political Top Stories 

Shut your mouths says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised his lawmakers to keep quiet and dont give an opportunity to the media or anyone to correct the leaders or ridicule the leaders. He was talking to MPs via video conference and said dont blame the media for everything. First one must think twice... Read More
Dont hype one or two rapes! Gangwar Political Top Stories 

Dont hype one or two rapes! Gangwar

Union Minister Santosh Gangwar stirred a hornets' nest when he commented saying that in a big country like India there will be rapes and just one or two rapes should not be hyped. When the country and the Political system along with the ruling party were reeling in trouble with... Read More
Babu fasts on birthday Political Top Stories 

Babu fasts on birthday

Chandrababu Naidu the CM of AP who turns 68 today is fasting for the special status of Andhra Pradesh. The day is his birthday and one has to be with the family members but Chandrababu is sitting on a fast for one day. It looked as of Jagan was sitting... Read More
Cash situation worsens Political Top Stories 

Cash situation worsens

There is no cash in many of the ATMs in Telugu states as well as Karnataka. The SBI officials have confirmed that in 3 to 5 states there is cash crunch and it has to be addressed. The RBI officers said that Currency printing is also being ramped up so... Read More
BJP bows to Dalits Political Top Stories 

BJP bows to Dalits

On Ambedkar Jayanthi Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had a lunch with Dalits in a 5-star Hotel. He was supposed to have a community lunch in Patna but could not make it as he had to attend another function in Hotel Maurya. The minister prominently arranged the lunch for Dalits at... Read More
Nawaz Sherif barred for a lifetime Political Top Stories 

Nawaz Sherif barred for a lifetime

Deposed Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sherif was disqualified from holding office for life the local channels reported. But there is some confusion on this if he was disqualified for life or for a certain period of time. The 67-year-old Politician Nawaj Sherif and former PM was disqualified for having... Read More
Modi to launch all-electric train Business Political Top Stories 

Modi to launch all-electric train

Prime Minister Modi will be in Bihar today to celebrate the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. He will also launch a high speed all electric train which runs at 120 km per hour. The train is being built as part of the make in India Mission and 40 trains of such... Read More