Pawan digging his own grave? Cinema Political Specials Top Stories 

Pawan digging his own grave?

Pawan Kalyan is digging his own grave by taking on the TV channels. The TV channels have every right to air the content on the ongoing happenings in the state. Pawan Kalyan the Janasena chief has no right or authority to dictate the channels in airing the content. Taking on... Read More
Is Chiranjeevi hiding? Cinema Political Top Stories 

Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

It looks like Chiranjeevi the former Union Minister and the mega hero is observing a strategic silence. He is not talking politics in pen. But he is talking politics when people from the Congress and other parties are meeting him at his house in Jubilee Hills. When a Congress leader... Read More
Puri -Nag & others deserting RGV Cinema Top Stories 

Puri -Nag & others deserting RGV

It looks like RGV the controversial director will be banned from Tollywood soon. His film with Nagarjuna as a police officer is said to be in trouble. There are no buyers for the film it is reported. After using Srireddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan, RGV was caught redhanded and Aravind... Read More
Journalist union warns Pawan Kalyan Cinema Political Top Stories 

Journalist union warns Pawan Kalyan

Janasena Chief and Kushi star Pawan Kalyan was warned by the Journalist union for going against the media and dictating that the channels should be banned so on and so forth. The Union questioned if the Channels were questioning the Tollywood or mega family on the content of the films... Read More
Katthi Mahesh- Srireddy, RGV against Janasena -Pawan Kalyan Cinema Political Top Stories 

Katthi Mahesh- Srireddy, RGV against Janasena -Pawan Kalyan

It looks like people are using Srireddy in different ways to settle their personal grudges against the Mega family. It is proved beyond doubt that RGV has used Srireddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan. But Srireddy also is nursing grudge against PK. Even katthi Mahesh is also keen that Pawan should... Read More
Mega family at film chambers Cinema Political Top Stories 

Mega family at film chambers

Led by Pawan Kalyan the heroes from the mega compound were at the film chambers office demanding action against RGV who is set to have influenced Srireddy to abuse Pawan Kalyna. Pawan Kalyan was in a black shirt and sat with advocates to take a decision on filing complaint against... Read More
RGV is an intelligent crook:Allu Aravind Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

RGV is an intelligent crook:Allu Aravind

A committee should be formed to resolve the casting couch and other issues said Allu Arvind the popular producer. He was talking from the film chambers today. The big people from the industry must sit together and decide on the committee he said. I am unhappy with the goings on... Read More