Prime Minister Modi must apologise Political Top Stories 

Prime Minister Modi must apologise

A group of about 50 civil servants found fault with the attitude of Prime Minister Modi in not reaching out to the families of rape victims. They have written in an open letter that the Government has miserably failed in the basic duties for the public. They said that the... Read More
BJP siding with Jagan ! Political Top Stories 

BJP siding with Jagan !

It looks like the BJP is supporting Jagan from the back door to put pressure on Chandrababu the CM of AP. Slowly the cases against Jagan are withering out and the Court is questioning the CBI to come up with concrete evidence against Jagans quid pro quo cases. It looks... Read More
KCR announces Bhavan for Gowds Political Top Stories 

KCR announces Bhavan for Gowds

K Chandrasekhar Rao who has been giving Bhavans or community halls to various castes in Hyderabad as now announced a welfare or community hall for the Gowds. Earlier during the Telangana agitation times, he announced that Toddy shops would be open and the same was implemented. Now speaking in the... Read More
Not romantic says Priya Cinema Political Top Stories 

Not romantic says Priya

Now, Priya has spoken about the controversy. Yes about the complaint in Hyderabad and Muslims objecting to the song and the religious sentiments. While speaking to a leading channel, she said that the song in question is not a romantic number but comes across as one as it is quite... Read More
Seek her opinion on marriage Political Top Stories 

Seek her opinion on marriage

MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi urged parents to ask their daughters for permission before their marriage. He also asserted that parents must not marry their daughters off without checking the groom’s background. Speaking at a public meeting, ahead of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s plenary in Hyderabad, Owaisi said,“Things... Read More
Who is the real Hindu? Political Top Stories 

Who is the real Hindu?

The people of Gujarat are unhappy. There is huge disappointment and disenchantment with the BJP government. The BJP's Hindutva no longer gives them solace. They are looking for an alternative. Can the Congress fill the gap? But the question is can Gujarat believe in Rahul, who is not an original... Read More
Court has no right, on Sabarimala entry Top Stories 

Court has no right, on Sabarimala entry

Muslims or courts have no right to dictate on the entry of Temples said Swamy Paripoorna Nanda here at the NTR stadium. He was participating the padi puja of Ayyappa Swamy . The court has no right to say about the entry of ladies into the Ayyappa Temple. The gurus... Read More