BJP asks for Rajamouli support Cinema Political Top Stories 

BJP asks for Rajamouli support

Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Amit Shah has started his sampark yatra and he is meeting celebrities day in and day out. He asking them to support the Narendra Modi government for 2019. All they have to say that they support Modi. He met Madhuri Deekshit on Mumbai, Kapildev and other... Read More
The Indian car is punctured says Chidambaram Business Political Top Stories 

The Indian car is punctured says Chidambaram

Indian economy is a like a car whose 3 tyres are punctured and unable to move forward said Chidambaram the senior Congress leader. "Private investment, private consumption, exports and government expenditures are four growth engines of an economy. It's like four tyres of a car. If one or two tyres... Read More
Yeddy-Gali-Jagan are the role models for BJP Political Political Top Stories 

Yeddy-Gali-Jagan are the role models for BJP

Yeddyurappa, Gali Janardhan Reddy and Jaganmohan Reddy, who returned from jail, appear to be role model for BJP leaders," the TDP said in a resolution at Mahanaadu. The resolution branded PM Modi as the dictator who was trying to pull down the regional parties by hook or crook. Open support... Read More
Rangeela Raja Govinda as Vijay Mallya Business Political Top Stories 

Rangeela Raja Govinda as Vijay Mallya

You talk of Banks people remind you of Vijay Mallya. The Modi Government received a lot flak from the public as Mallya is absconding from the country and hiding in foreign countries. Along with his flamboyant style, Vijay Mallya is also popular for his King Fisher calendar. Finally, his character... Read More
Some mistakes by Prime Minister Modi Political Top Stories 

Some mistakes by Prime Minister Modi

Modi's diminishing popularity is bothering his party leaders and cadres from time to time. More than inclusive measures, Modi tried to make exclusive arrangements and make measures that made him grow individually in stature and not move collectively. Never bothered about supporters and also allies. Running after headlines and publicity.... Read More
Maya or Mamatha for the PMs post-2019 Political Top Stories 

Maya or Mamatha for the PMs post-2019

There are chances that it could be Mayawathi or Mamatha for the Prime Ministers post in the Coming elections for 2019. While most of the surveys have predicted that the BJP image took a beating after the Karnataka elections, but there is scope that the Modi Government will scrape through... Read More
Cash situation worsens Political Top Stories 

Cash situation worsens

There is no cash in many of the ATMs in Telugu states as well as Karnataka. The SBI officials have confirmed that in 3 to 5 states there is cash crunch and it has to be addressed. The RBI officers said that Currency printing is also being ramped up so... Read More
Chandrababu’s secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign? Political Specials Top Stories 

Chandrababu’s secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign?

There are reports reaching the PMO that AP CM Chandrababu has agreed to align with the Congress to trounce Modi and NDA. Babu wants to prove that anyone in the country cannot take him so easily. He wants to be a kingmaker again like earlier times. He wants to force... Read More
Venkaiah cautions MPs Political Top Stories 

Venkaiah cautions MPs

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu who is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha the upper house cautioned the members that the watching the MPs and their attitude in the house. As soon as the swearing in of the new members was over there was a ruckus in the house again no... Read More
Chowkidar Modi weak -everything leak! Political Top Stories 

Chowkidar Modi weak -everything leak!

Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi today said that the Chowkidar, meaning the watchman is weak and there are all leaks. There is a leak in every subject he tweeted. Why there should be re-exams for SSC and Economics paper Rahul questioned. Modi Government has leaks in every aspect as the watchmen... Read More