BJP to divide TDP soon Political Top Stories 

BJP to divide TDP soon

The master strategists are working overtime to divide the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. The fact that the BJP leaders said that they want to come to power in AP or trounce TDP is being taken very seriously. The BJP leaders openly declared in a press meet that major breakaway in... Read More
“Madar cho” has buried casting couch issue? Cinema Specials Top Stories 

“Madar cho” has buried casting couch issue?

Abusing Pawan Kalyan as Madra chod in the style of Arjun Reddy has buried the casting couch issue and Srireddy has lost the sympathy in the process. Now the filmi people and media are foisting cases on each other. The state government has appointed a committee to look into the... Read More
Is Chiranjeevi hiding? Cinema Political Top Stories 

Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

It looks like Chiranjeevi the former Union Minister and the mega hero is observing a strategic silence. He is not talking politics in pen. But he is talking politics when people from the Congress and other parties are meeting him at his house in Jubilee Hills. When a Congress leader... Read More
Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP Cinema Political Top Stories 

Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP

BJP which is gunning for the head of Chandrababu Naidu is trying all the tricks to trounce TDP in the next elections. While trying to contest on its own the BJP leaders are trying to encourage Janasena and YSRC to the maximum extent. The way Janasena is pouncing on TDP... Read More
Kathi Mahesh blames the Mega family Cinema Political Sports Top Stories 

Kathi Mahesh blames the Mega family

Kathi Mahesh the controversial journalist and film critic who blasted Pawan left and right now alleged that the Mega family and Konidela productions were behind the serious allegations levelled by Sunitha against him. He said that the mega family did not remove Vakada Apparao after several women complained against him... Read More
No-Trust against Modi Political Specials Top Stories 

No-Trust against Modi

The notice given by the TDP and YSRC against the Modi Government will come today in the parliament. Both the parties do not have enough numbers but, the left and Congress have decided to go against the NDA Government. Both the TDP and YSRC put together have 23 members and... Read More