BJP is Balatkar Janata Party Political Top Stories 

BJP is Balatkar Janata Party

Kamalnath the senior Congress leader said that the BJP should be branded as Balatkar Janata Party. He said that around 20 BJP lawmakers are said to be in rape cases according to some media reports. The other day Kuldeep Singh MLA was booked for rape. The people must consider if... Read More
Prime Minister Modi must apologise Political Top Stories 

Prime Minister Modi must apologise

A group of about 50 civil servants found fault with the attitude of Prime Minister Modi in not reaching out to the families of rape victims. They have written in an open letter that the Government has miserably failed in the basic duties for the public. They said that the... Read More
BJP bows to Dalits Political Top Stories 

BJP bows to Dalits

On Ambedkar Jayanthi Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had a lunch with Dalits in a 5-star Hotel. He was supposed to have a community lunch in Patna but could not make it as he had to attend another function in Hotel Maurya. The minister prominently arranged the lunch for Dalits at... Read More
BJPs dining with Dalits Political Specials Top Stories 

BJPs dining with Dalits

Dalits can become the deciding factor for BJP in Karnataka. Both Modi and Shah are trying to reduce the tensions in Dalit community, but the results are poor. Bharat Bandh was a clear indication that the Dalits are going against the BJP. The Mayawati and Akhilesh combination is proving to... Read More
Now BJP will go on hunger strike Political Top Stories 

Now BJP will go on hunger strike

Since most of the political parties are launching protests against the BJP government, now PM Modi has thought it fit to pay them in the same coin. The BJP MPs will go on a fast on April 12 to protest against the attitude of Congress and other parties in not... Read More
KCR urgers Modi to protect Dalits and Media Political Top Stories 

KCR urgers Modi to protect Dalits and Media

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has found fault with the Central government’s decision to cancel the accreditation of journalist’s accused of filing fake news items. He said the government should have a responsibility to protect freedom of the press without violating the basic civil rights. He said there are already... Read More
An emergency like a situation-Court says no Political Top Stories 

An emergency like a situation-Court says no

The Dalit protests are continuing and the police are trying its best to contain the violence in the country. The NDA Government has represented to the court to look into the issue and issue an order that would satisfy the Dalits in the country. But the court has turned down... Read More
Rahul barred from Sahranpur Political Top Stories 

Rahul barred from Sahranpur

The Uttar Pradesh police said today that it has denied permission to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for a visit tomorrow to Sahranpur which is tense with caste clashes earlier this week. Senior police officer Aditya Mishra told media that no politician is being allowed to visit the town for now.... Read More