Congress sold tickets in Karnataka ! Political Top Stories 

Congress sold tickets in Karnataka !

Rebel Congress leaders led Narayanaswamy has alleged that the Congress party has sold tickets for the Karnataka elections. All the contesting candidates have levelled charges that the tickets were sold for huge amounts. This came as a severe set back to the party just before the elections. Some candidates of... Read More
Rahul bashes -Modiji for Modiji Political Top Stories 

Rahul bashes -Modiji for Modiji

PM Modi is bothered about himself, he is selfish and does not bother about others said Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief. He is not bothered about rapes, atrocities against Dalits and he is bothered about retain power in the next election and becoming the PM Rahul Charged. Modiji is just... Read More
No truck with Congress-Yechury Political Top Stories 

No truck with Congress-Yechury

Sitaram Yechury the senior communist leader is the General Secretary for CPM. He is being elected for the second time unanimously. The 65-year-old man's election was approved by 95 member committee. Earlier he has taken over as the CPM General secretary in 2015 and now he is again reelected as... Read More
Is Chiranjeevi hiding? Cinema Political Top Stories 

Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

It looks like Chiranjeevi the former Union Minister and the mega hero is observing a strategic silence. He is not talking politics in pen. But he is talking politics when people from the Congress and other parties are meeting him at his house in Jubilee Hills. When a Congress leader... Read More
Hit Modi with unity suggests Digvijay Political Top Stories 

Hit Modi with unity suggests Digvijay

Narendra Modi is a person who divides people and rules them said Digvijay Singh the senior Congress leader. He is back from Narmada yatra is getting ready for Madhya Pradesh Yatra at the age of 70. With a second marriage, he is able to stay active and is of the... Read More
Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul Political Top Stories 

Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi blamed the NDA Government and Modi for taking away many of the development works from Amethi and creating hurdles in the process of development. He assured that the people of Amethi that the constituency would be developed like Singapore and California. He has set a goal... Read More
Jaitely says cash crunch is temporary Political Top Stories 

Jaitely says cash crunch is temporary

he earliest. He opined that the cash was more than enough in circulation and that there was nothing to panic. AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP, MP are the states where people are facing the cash crunch it is reported. The Minister of state for Finance Pratap Shukla said that there... Read More
Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP Cinema Political Top Stories 

Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP

BJP which is gunning for the head of Chandrababu Naidu is trying all the tricks to trounce TDP in the next elections. While trying to contest on its own the BJP leaders are trying to encourage Janasena and YSRC to the maximum extent. The way Janasena is pouncing on TDP... Read More
Protests for special status intensify Political Top Stories 

Protests for special status intensify

Andhra Pradesh is boiling with the agitations day in and day out with protests intensifying for the sake of Special status. The CM of AP Chandrababu Naidu has announced that he would go on a hunger strike on his birthday for the sake of Special status. He broke the alliance... Read More
Young Turks for Telangana Political Top Stories 

Young Turks for Telangana

While K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana is trying to reach Delhi for an alternative front against the Congress and the BJP, his son K Taraka Rama Rao is being groomed to take over as chief of Telangana soon after the next general elections. KCR is of the opinion... Read More