Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul Political Top Stories 

Amethi will become Singapore assures Rahul

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi blamed the NDA Government and Modi for taking away many of the development works from Amethi and creating hurdles in the process of development. He assured that the people of Amethi that the constituency would be developed like Singapore and California. He has set a goal... Read More
Cash situation worsens Political Top Stories 

Cash situation worsens

There is no cash in many of the ATMs in Telugu states as well as Karnataka. The SBI officials have confirmed that in 3 to 5 states there is cash crunch and it has to be addressed. The RBI officers said that Currency printing is also being ramped up so... Read More
Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai Political Top Stories 

Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today blamed the PM Modi for the cash crunch in various parts of the country. He said that it was demonetisation which spoiled the Banking system. Rahul said that NDA government disturbed the banking system and there is no cash in the ATMs. Rahul said that... Read More
Amit Shah follows Pappu Rahul Political Top Stories 

Amit Shah follows Pappu Rahul

BJP President Amit Shah is talking like Rahul Gandhi these days. Earlier Rahul the Congress chief used to make mistakes in his speeches which actually came in handy for the BJPs campaign. Now AmitShah in a hurry is doing the same. This time the faux pas about the performance of... Read More
Chowkidar Modi weak -everything leak! Political Top Stories 

Chowkidar Modi weak -everything leak!

Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi today said that the Chowkidar, meaning the watchman is weak and there are all leaks. There is a leak in every subject he tweeted. Why there should be re-exams for SSC and Economics paper Rahul questioned. Modi Government has leaks in every aspect as the watchmen... Read More
Sonia’s condition is stable Political Top Stories 

Sonia’s condition is stable

Sonia Gandhi UPAs chairperson and the mother of Congress Chief Rahul Gandi was admitted to a Hospital in Delhi as she was unwell. She was away in Shimla to oversee the construction of a house being done by her daughter Priyanka Gandhi. Sonia was rushed to the hospital in her... Read More
Rahul is changing Political Top Stories 

Rahul is changing

Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief who was dubbed and ridiculed as Pappu in the parliament by the Present Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is changing. He is now confident and admits that Congress could not rise to the expectations. He described Congress as Pandavas and BJP leaders as Kauravas. He is... Read More
Rahul loses the Rafale online poll Political Top Stories 

Rahul loses the Rafale online poll

When people are thinking that Rahul the Congress chiefs popularity was growing, the reality is that he had lost another poll. Not that he has lost another election. The Congress has lost an online poll conducted against the Government and precisely against the defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This poll was... Read More