Trump morally unfit to be the President! Political Top Stories 

Trump morally unfit to be the President!

Donald Trump the US President is morally unfit to be the President stated former FBI director James Comey who was dropped by the Trump recently. Comey said that the Russians had material which they use to blackmail the president. Comey compared the governance of Trump with that of Mafia and... Read More
Money is the vital vitamin-M Top Stories 

Money is the vital vitamin-M

Yes, money makes many things. The money will make everyone happy and there is any vitamin which keeps you going one can name it as Vitamin- M that is money.A survey was done in America by a professor who says that money is a vital ingredient for the life to... Read More
2.0 must rise to Cinema Political Top Stories 

2.0 must rise to

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma said that India will become as powerful as America when superstar Rajinikanth becomes the Prime Minister of the country. When Rajinikanth becomes the PM of India is when India will become America by actually rising from to 200. zero," Varma tweeted. Earlier Rajinikanth had... Read More
Muslims identify with India- dont divide India Political Top Stories 

Muslims identify with India- dont divide India

Former US President Barack Obama said today that he had "privately" told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that a country should not be divided into sectarian lines and emphasised how the Indian society needed to cherish that Muslims in the country identify themselves as Indians which is not common for minorities... Read More
Trump drops down in Forbes list Business NRI Top Stories 

Trump drops down in Forbes list

US President Trump whose business empire has continued to operate alongside heading the Oval office, has dropped down 92 places in a prestigious ranking of America’s wealthiest people. The Forbes annual list ranking of 400 richest Americans, said Donald Trump’s position has tumbled 92 places to 248th. Last year, he... Read More
Trump celebrates Diwali NRI Political Top Stories 

Trump celebrates Diwali

Donald Trump celebrated Diwali on Wednesday in the Oval Office of the White House along with senior Indian-American members of the administration, including Nikki Haley, Seema Verma and community leaders. While expressing his appreciation for Indians, the US President said he values his 'very strong' relationship with Prime Minister Narendra... Read More