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Swati was the first crush for MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni the iconic cricketer for the first time spoke something personal. He is always a reserved man outside and will not speak anything personal. Dhoni is in full form and is playing for CSK which is currently second on the table of IPL.

Dhoni was speaking to a magician who said he can reveal the name of Dhonis first crush. Dhoni was asked to reveal a letter and the letter was a that was third in the name of the girl.

Then a board with name Swati was shown on his head by the magician who predicted the name. Dhoni agreed with the name but suggested people not to reveal the same to his wife Sakshi. Dhoni also admitted that he saw Swati again when he was in Inter. This also he suggested that it should not be leaked to Sakshi.


It looks like Dhoni is slowly emerging as a fun loving man, but the top gear in cricketing goes on. There is still a lot of fire in him and he is keeping it alive for the World cup it looks like.

His teammates including Kohli looks for his support and also advice. That is his greatness.



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