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Swamy says BJP will get around 130 seats

Yes the equations are changing in Karnataka by the day. It was Chanakaya the Congress leaders agency that predicted that the BJP will get the majority in Karnataka. Now it is followed by BJP leader Subramanayam Swamy who says that the BJP will get around 115 to 130 seats and the Congress will be a distant third. The contest is for the 224 seats Assembly.

This is surprising and shocking to many people.

The one reason given by Swamy for this is that the people have got to know the true colours of the Congress and the CM Siddharamaiah.

Swamy says BJP will get around 130 seats

Siddharamaiah himself has said that voting to Modi is like voting to the Congress party. What more can one expect from this kind of man? Earlier even Amit Shah said something like this favouring the Congress instead of talking for the BJP.

For a majority, you require around 113 seats.

From the beginning, the surveys talked about 50/50 . Then they have an edge to the Congress. After that, they said JDS will be the kingmaker. Now finally people are talking about the BJP coming to power. But Rahul is confident that the Congress will win hand down. With just a day to go for the polls, serious betting is going on as to who would win the election. Amit Shah told the media in many press meets that the BJP is going get a clear majority. The Lingayatas may not help the Congress as predicted and Siddha Ramaiah has done a mistake by dividing them from others.



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