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Mental Krishna is Sureedu with YSR

People who love YSR the former CM will also know Sureedu who is like a shadow with the CM. He was not for YSR the only day when the chopper crashed and YSR died. YSR asked him to get down from the chopper and he was saved.

Now we know that a movie is being made on YSR with Mammooty as the main character and the role of Jagan being played by Suriya. Now the people are searching of the actor to play the character of Sureedu.

It is learnt that Posani Krishnamurali will be doing the role of Sureedu. The only thing is Posani must be pained black to look like him. This an interesting character where you can see Sureedu in all the frames with the CM.

Arshi srivastava latest stills

Things are shaping up in an interesting manner for the movie and if it is done properly it will help Jagan and YSRC in the coming elections. But will be able to stand before the NTR biopic has to be seen in the near future. So far things are going on in a positive manner.

When you ask will the people vote the respective parties after seeing biopics. Yes, Cinema has a lot of influence on Telugu people. Good casting from Tollywood and Bollywood is also being done for NTRs biopic.



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