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Strictly say no to Honey..

Honey is good some people say for the diabetics and some other say strictly no to honey.

“it is a strict no-no for diabetics to have honey. Honey shares almost a same nutritive profile as sugar. Of course, it is slightly more dense in minerals, which makes it a better alternative for the fitness enthusiast, but that still does not qualify honey as a safe bet for diabetics.”

“Having high blood sugar is already bad, but having fluctuations is worse. Fluctuating blood sugar levels are more detrimental to the health of a diabetic patient. If your sugar levels are stable in the morning and think of taking honey only to see your blood sugar levels shooting to a 400.

The same goes for other “natural sweeteners” like honey, agave nectar and maple syrup.

Even though these natural sweeteners aren’t highly processed, they contain at least as many carbs as white sugar.

A diabetic needs to be extra cautious about their diet and lifestyle. You may be aware how a diabetic is asked to steer clear of sugary and junk food as it could topple the blood sugar levels. But, there are still many foods, which are often hard to tell whether they are in the “safe” category after all.



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