Strengthen weakness to excel says Dhoni

Improve upon your strength and strengthen your weakness by the day said MS Dhoni the skipper of CSK at the IPL.

He said that more than the physical strength one needs to maintain the mental strength and that is what matters. Staying up to the situation and improving upon it is the need of the hour he opined.

We can give and strategise 100 different plans to the bowlers and ultimately it depends on their strength and mental ability. If they can implement it is alright and if they cannot one has to go for a new method and there should be alternatives he explained.

Strengthen weakness to excel says Dhoni

Everyone has to play well and one or two must need to rise to the occasion and perform exceedingly well where it makes all the difference Dhoni said. You have to build up your strengths and then you have to further strengthen on your weaknesses to improve upon in the game. There is every need for the middle order batsmen to improve upon apart from the openers Dhoni opined.

CSK is on the number two position and has entered the playoffs and recently lost a game. There was not much of a thing that we could do in the recent match Dhoni opined.



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