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Stop dramas says RSS Bhagawat

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat advised the BJP leaders to stop dramas and come to reality. It may be recalled that on the advise given by Prime Minister Modi, to visit Dalit wadas and spend time with the lawmakers of the BJP have been doing that. One of them went to Dalits home with his own food and water bottles while a lady complained that she had to spend time with mosquitoes in the Dalit houses. There was a lot of trolling on the social media and the BJP men were exposed on the web.

Some other leaders arranged a food programme with dalits at a hotel. Uma Bharati the BJP leader said that she would like Dalits to come to her home and have the food with her and sit equally with her.

Stop dramas says RSS Bhagawat

Taking this into account RSS chief Bhagawat warned the BJP leaders to interact in reality with the Dalits and solve their problems. Don’t go for this drama with media people and coverage in the papers he suggested.

This is to remove the caste barriers and not for the sake of symbolic gestures and media coverage Bhagwat stated. One must get rid of the caste barriers and socialise with them he said.

Bhagawat wanted the BJP men to do it wholeheartedly and not for the sake of media coverage and that it should not be like an eyewash.



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