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Steve Smith in tears

Smith the captain of the Australian cricket team today said sorry to the cricket lovers, his family and fans that he failed as a leader.

He agreed that the ball tampering was done and it was under his knowledge and it was his fault and takes the full responsibility for the same. He was addressing the media and was in tears while he apologised to his kids also for doing the wrong this. This must pave for a change he said. He is facing a ban for 12 months. He opined that this should not have happened and there was an error of judgement from his side. The leadership has failed he agreed and that was not the way.

            Steve Smith in tears
He was addressing the media at the Sydney airport. This will be a lesson to others he opined. In the days to come, he wants to earn back the respect he lost. Smith was evolving as one of the best batsmen in the cricket and suddenly he was caught in this ball-tampering episode on the camera.

Smith said that he was given the great responsibility to lead the country while he stooped low and was responsible for this mistake to happen. It was so unfortunate. He did not blame anyone and said that he allowed this tampering to happen and that it was his mistake to allow such things.




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