Star couples and films

Aishwarya and Abhishek- Ajay and Kajol they are the star couples who are still in the rage individually. Both the ladies Kajol and Aish are in the films individually and are in demand.

Star couples and films

Kajol has made a comeback recently with SRK. Now the producers are after these two-star couples to make movies. It is reported that Aish and Abhi have confirmed to a producer for doing a film.

But Ajay and Kajol are thinking and they are yet to confirm a film together. They want some more time and also a good script that they would make a good impact on the audience.

Star couples and films

Ajay at that age is still fit and all set to do any kind of stunts but dances may not be that comfortable for him. Kajol is fit and sometimes looks stunning and younger than her age. Aish is back in shape and she also has good offers.

The industry and audience including the fans are waiting for the movies from these star couples together. It would be a different kind of experience altogether.



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