The stage set for FIFA World cup 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two players to watch in this current FIFA World Cup 2018. Sports analysts and football enthusiasts are of the opinion that many new records would be created this year. The Russain weathers conditions will make this possible some of the top players said.One of the interesting issues was that Nike the supplier of boots said that it cannot supply the boots to some teams because of the US sanctions imposed on them.

fifa world cup 2018

The players have to buy the shoe on their own at the stores in Russia it is reported. The late decision by Nike has disrupted the preparations of the Iran team in is learnt. The matches will start this night and the whole world is watching especially the football enthusiasts. Russia and Saudi Arabia will play the opening match tonight. The Japanese team arrived in Russia 6 days ahead to have a feel and get some inside into the game and local weather.
Brazil and Germany are the favourites this time and both the sides have good teams.

fifa world cup 2018

But there could be many surprises in store. On the other hand, the big news that is rocking the world is that Russians were warned not to have sex with people from other countries. Don’t have sex with foreigners, especially the foreigners who are not white is the precise warning. Russia is hosting the game for the first time and the games will happen for a month till July 15nth. Russia is expecting around one million visitors from all over the world.



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