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Srireddys no to Rs 5 crore-Suresh for law -RGV fails

RGV the controversial director tried to convince Srireddy who exposed Abhiram the son of Suresh Babu
to take Rs 5 crore and settle the issue out of the court.

RGV suresh babu

But Srireddy declined to take the offer and said that she wants to fight the issue and not ditch others who are sup[porting her. On the other hand, RGV also suggested Suresh settle the issue, but Suresh also wanted the case to go on and let the law take its own course. He wanted his son to get punished if they had done something wrong or is involved with Srireddy. But RGC things that he must save the image of Suresh productions and the family members of Suresh.

But he failed from both the sides. No one agreed to RGV mediation. Neither Sri nor Suresh Babu. The issue will go to the police and they will investigate the matter.

It was Pawan who suggested that ladies must go to the police and courts to get justice. Srireddy refused crores of money in the name of a settlement proposed by RGV and RGV apologised to Pawan and his fans for calling him a madarchot.

RGV suresh babu

Finally, all said and done RGV is news for good and bad. He knows to grab the headlines and media glare. Now the ball is in the court of police regarding allegations of Srireddy o Abhiram using her in the studio.Even Srireddy apologised to Pawan.



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