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Srireddy video leaks soon?

It looks like Srireddy is here to make some big money. Earlier there were Suchi leaks and after that money changed hands and the leaks were plugged. They talked about Suci leaks 2, and then again money changed hands. There was no leak again.
Now in Tollywood Srireddy, the controversial lady has leaked some chats and now she is all set to leak some videos where 3 top heroes have used her on the bed.
There are rumours in the industry that the videos have been sent by Srireddy to top PROs of the Tollywood films. Now they might negotiate with the so-called heroes who used her. The money will change hands and the videos may be buried forever. Director Teja has already assured Srireddy that he will give her two movies.
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But Srireddy is not satisfied and she is gearing up for this video leaks it is reported. Let’s hope the leaks will be plugged and the heroes will save their face. These heroes always give chance to new ladies and are seen in big parties. It is for you to guess who they are.
Srireddy who was striving hard to get some chances is now hell-bent on exposing people and then may make some money in the process. She may not be happy by just getting the roles. Afterall roles are for making fast bucks, now she can make the same by blackmailing the so-called heroes with the help of videos. One video is already out and a popular director is on the bed with Srireddy. This is just a sample and Sri has many of them under her belt.



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