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Srireddy targets Mahesh-BAN is a big bore

Perhaps she is the first lady to say that BAN is a boring movie and that Prince Mahesh is a an expressionless actor. Not only that Srireddy said that Koratala did not direct the movie properly. It looks like she is walking in the footsteps of Kathi Mahesh in analysing the movies in a negative format.

It has to be seen how Mahesh fans will react to this.Mahesh Babu will just ignore Srireddy as he is one person who will not bother about comments of others. He is a confident man and has collected about Rs150 crore for the movie. People like Jaya Prakash Narayan and also KTR has praised the movie and campaigned for the movie.

Srireddy targets Mahesh-BAN is a big bore

What more can one expect? Women like Srireddy should not be taken into serious consideration. Calling Mahesh as an expressionless director is not right on the part of Srireddy.

But one thing is for sure, this will give more steam for the movie and it will run for another 30 days and grab another 50 crores from the box office this is for sure.

She could not get any mileage out of Pawan Kalyan and it looks like she targetted the name of Mahesh. She also blamed Koratala Shiva earlier, but people did not believe the allegations of Srireddy at all.



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