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Srireddy taken to police station-under house arrest

Srireddy who paraded half-naked at the MAA office for the registration card was lifted by the police and taken to the jubilee hills police station. Saying that she has done in two movies and wanted MAA to give her the membership card.

She was not allowed into the office and the police have taken her to the police for counselling and later left at her home.
The police said that she has other democratic methods of protesting and not this way. She can make a police complaint on issues, but so far she has not complained the police stated.

Srireddy said that she has shown her body in every form to the producers, and people who matter. Now she is showing it to the public and there is nothing to show she declared. She, however, would repeat the same if the card is not given.

Srireddy taken to Jubilee Hills police station

The police are thinking of arresting her for behaving in this manner. But higher-ups are being consulted if she should be taken into custody or left like that.

I am trying to say that so many ladies are suffering in the industry and I want to highlight the issue Srireddy said. But no one is bothered she explained to the media. Justice should be made Srireddy opined. How can artists pay one lakh for the card she questioned. It is like house arrest for Srireddy and issue would be dealt with after 2 hours.



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