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Srireddy names Koratala Siva

Srireddy who has been revealing the other side of movie people now named the popular director Koratala Siva of Janatha Garage who is now busy with Bharat ane Nenu of Mahesh Babu. She also named Mahesh and we do not know if it means Mahesh Babu or any other Mahes Katti or somebody.

She revealed a chat where Koratala calls her as a baby and invites her and promises to give a role. On the other hand, she named Suresh Babu Daggubatis son Abhiam and alleged that he used her in the studio badly and did not give her any work in the end.

But Venkatesh the hero from the family denied this and said that Abhiram was a good boy.

Srireddy names Korata Siva

It could be in the process of launching Abi that they must have taken these photos and not the real ones.

There is also an argument that this lady could be luring them and then making allegations of all kind as if she is innocent. Why she approach them and agree to whatever they say and then come back crying against them is the question.

When she knows the industry walas are using her and not doing anything, she should not go to them. One industry man who declined to name himself asked is she good looking, look at her mouth. Who will take her he questioned? He said if she was good , she would have got the roles man years back. She is getting what she deserves he concluded.



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