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Srireddy names Kammula as Kommula

People know Shekar Kammula as a soft-spoken man and shy person. But Srireddy who vowed to expose the directors and casting couch in the Tollywood has named Shekar Kammula as Kommulu vacchina director meaning the director with horns. She changed Kammula as Kommula. No one expects Kammula to be that kind of a man. Especially with the movies, he made like happy days, Fida,Leader so on and so forth. With some message youth and leadership qualities. Most of them family oriented.

Apart from Kammula she also took the name of a director who makes serials for a regional channel. She said that the females have to compromise to get a role as anchors and also for a role in the V serial she said. The channel also owns a newspaper.

We have to see how Shekar would react to this allegation from Srireddy. She also assured that henceforth there will be no beeps in the place of names and that the would like to go to another channel where should openly reveal the names and that the channel will air the names directly and no beeps.

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She has posted in the facebook that Kommula went around her house like Gurkha and was ready to lose anything for a video call from her. Srireddy also charged that Kommula charged money from the male stars for giving the roles. She says he is a great liar and opined that he believed that Indian ladies were useful for sleeping and nothing else.

This revelation is sending shivers down the spines of producers and directors who have anything to do with Srireddy. Now she is all set to reveal the names and tapes on a Telugu TV channel it is reported. Teja was assigned the job of stopping her. Will he succeed is the big question.



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