Srireddy has a daughter -crores of property! Cinema Gossips Political Top Stories 

Srireddy has a daughter -crores of property!

Karate Kalyani a character artist from the Tollywood has alleged that Srireddy was used by politicians to malign the industry and mega family indirectly in the name of casting couch and other issues.

There are rumours that Srireddy and Kalyani fought physically while they were in a channel office during the discussion.

Kalyani alleged that Srireddy has a daughter and is not in touch with the parents. SriReddy also has a posh flat in Kukatpally and travels in costly cars. From where did she earn all this Kalyani questioned.

Srireddy has a daughter -crores of property!

She also produced photographs pertaining to the daughter of Srireddy. Srireddy is yet to respond over this. At the same time Pawan Klayan also opined that Srireddy was used by political party against him with the help of RGV. RGV is working for TDP using Srireddy he charged. He also talked against the channels working for TDP with Srireddy in the front.

Now the Channels are going to court against the allegations of Pawan. Pawan is filing a case against the Channels.

The casting couch issue was there, but now the question is, if Srireddy was being handled by political party against Pawan and mega family. But Srireddy also told the media what all she has to do to survive and when she was not getting any work.

There is enough to say that Srireddy also trapped some men and used them for her survival and personal ends.



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