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Srireddy chides at Pawan Kalyan

Srireddy the controversial lady in news against the Tollywood has taken on Pawan Kalyan now. She is very much unhappy with the statement made by Pawan Kalyan that the ladies in the movie industry who were abused must go to the police station and file a complaint or go to the court for getting justice. He said that it was no use to protest or go to the media and there will be no solution. Only police or court and the legal remedy is the answer.

First Srireddy thanked Pawan for her concern and then said that it of no use for Pawan to go to the people and make meetings and conduct protests. She advised him to go to the police or court then file a complaint about the special status of Andhra Pradesh. Otherwise, all this exercise and criticising the ruling party would be futile. Pawan approach the court or the police for the sake of special status she suggested.

 Srireddy chides at Pawan Kalyan

She ridiculed the way Pawan was shifting the responsibility by just sympathising with the ladies. This is nothing but diversionary tactics she opined. This not the way the political leaders should respond Srireddy stated.



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