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Srireddy calls Pawan a Praja drohi -Andhra drohi

Srireddy the newsmaker in the Tollywood in the name of casting couch has now lashed out at Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena chief. In a Telugu tweet, she described Pawan as a useless man who did not do anything for the public.

Mr what is this, you talked about laddus, north south you stated, corruption you mentioned, when asked to prove you said that people are saying abou it, You said no caste but alked about Rangas death, talked about common man protection force and that has become a farce, appointed thieves in the committe, You found fault with Chiranjeevi your brother, You cannot win on yourself and said that you made others win, you thought you were a force, you did all flop movies, you cant act properly, you have 3 ladies and you are using them like toys, you cheated others for your personal ends, you maligned your mother also.

People know that you are a useless man. You cant act in movies but have acted in real life like anything, You are Andhra Drohi, Praja Drohi and Jana drohi she said.

pawan sri reddy

Telugu people will not pardon you, you are a watchdog to Modi, you are shielding Modi. Is this Cheguvera theory.

This script posted by Srireddy on facebook looked as if it is script given by a TV channel for posting in the name of Srireddy.

Earlier she used the word suggested by RGV and the entire issue got derailed.

Now Pawan after doing some unnecessary tweeting against the Channels is in for real trouble. His Janasena is getting derailed in the process and he might lose the steam by the time the elections are conducted.



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