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Sringeri Swamy bashes Rahul Gandhi

It was a tour to attract the Hindu votes. Rahul Gandhi along with Karnataka CM Siddharamaiah visited the Sringeri matt and sought the blessings of Mahaswamiji here.

It is learnt that Swamiji was with his followers. Swamiji refused to bless them and said that they should not try to divide the Hindus. The money collected from the temples should be spent for the Temples Bharati Teertha Swamiji suggested.
Sringeri Swamy bashes Rahul Gandhi
Siddharamiah has divided Lingayats from the Hindus and this irked the Swamiji it is reported. They were not blessed by Swamiji but they were warned and told not to divide Hindus.

This news was spread through the channels and also in the local newspapers. The Congress circles tried their level best to stop the media glare on Swamiji and his warning to Rahul and Siddha. But they could not stop the media. Some followers of Swamy told the media as to what really happened in the mutt and the BJP leaders with all enthusiasm lapped it for the party and also the ensuing elections.

The Temple run actually boomeranged for Rahul here in Karnataka it can be concluded. Don’t bring enmity between the Hindus. You are doing anti-Hindu activities and that is the reason we don’t bless you Swamy told them. Don’t have intolerance towards Hindus he warned Rahul and Siddaramaih.

They had no other option but to quietly exit from the Matt.



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