Sridevi’s death was a planned murder?

A former ACP Vedbhushan who runs an investigating agency charged that the Sridevi did not die accidentally, but she was murdered with precise planning. He stayed in a room by the side of the room where Sridevi died and concluded that it was a planned murder and dubbed as an accidental death.

Someone can be put in a bathtub until she is dead and then it can be declared that it was accidental he opined. When someone filed a case in Court on the death of Sridevi, the courts in India have not entertained the petition.

Sridevi's death was a planned murder?

He said that the death has to be investigated in detail and that the something is going unnoticed and that there is a need that several questions have to answered before coming to a conclusion that it was accidental. The world was shocked when people came to know that Sridevi died in a bathtub and that too accidentally.

Boney here husband who was with her in the room pleaded innocence and there were stories that he sobbed like a child so on and so forth. Some said that the insurance money which was in hundreds of crores could be the key to this death.



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