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Sri, Sridevi-Srimom biopic

Boney Kapoor the husband of superstar Sridevi is all set to roll out a biopic on his wife and actor who died recently. No one expected that she would die in that matter taking the world by surprise. Now, Boney, the producer wants to show the world about the life and times of Sridevi.

Boney the husband has registered three names for the title. Sri, Sridevi and Srimom are the titles being registered and they are not final. The story discussion is going on. Raghavendra Rao the director who has launched Sridevi in Telugu- Hindi and made her a superstar is also getting involved it is learnt.

Sri, Sridevi-Srimom biopic

First, they will launch the movie of Sridevi’s daughter by name dhadak and then they will also keep working on the Sridevi’s biopic. They are also busy with Sonam Kapoor wedding the daughter of Anil Kapoor. Sonam did one of two movies and is getting married. It has to be seen if she would like to continue the movie career. One movie was with Salman Khan also.

So there is a lot of activity and hungama in Boney and Anils family right now with a marriage and also a movie on the legendary Sridevi.

But will act as Sridevi is the big question. For a young Sridevi one of the daughters can be taken. But what about the elder Sridevi is the question. Stepping into the shoe of Sridevi is very difficult.



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