Sri says competition is good

Like any mom superstar, Sridevi is a little nervous and excited at the same time. Sridevi said that as a mother she can’t help but her tips about everything, but at the same time, Jhanvi has to chart her own trajectory in Bollywood.

“Children have their own mind. When it comes to her work, I don’t want to advise. She must cultivate her craft all by herself, make her own choices and chart her own path,” said the Mom actor.

 Sri says competition is good

If Jhanvi will begin shooting for the film next month, reports of Sara signing her second project are already doing the rounds.

And Bollywood enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on Sara and Jhanvi’s Bollywood debuts.

However, Sridevi is not bothered by the comparisons. “Competition can never be eliminated from this industry.

There is nothing wrong with it she says adding that it will keep you on your toes.



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