Baahubali -3 soon

Director Rajamui tweeted that Baahubali 3 will be coming soon. Since 2 is a great success and 3 is on cards he tweeted.For any movie small or big, the publicity plays a key role. Even some bad films have done with good publicity. Kabali is an example where the film was ok, but the publicity stunt elevated it to the level of a block buster.

But Baahubali is a good film and it has to be elevated at the National level and then to the next level as a world cinema. The Baahubali-2 which is still running in cinemas have already grossed Rs 383 crore nationally in just 4 days of its release, while minting over Rs 700 crore globally.
 Spice PR behind Baahubali
When it comes to the role of publicity, before the film Baahubali went into shooting mode Spice PR, one of the leading Mumbai-based communications agency, was hired on the project with a specific brief: make Baahubali a national film.

The movie also turned out to be the first movie to emerge at number three at the US box office beating Tom Hanks-Emma Watson starrer The Circle.
 Spice PR behind Baahubali
This should definitely make every Indian proud.Prabhat Choudhary of Spice shared that Rajamouli had clarity about the project and wanted the movie to be something that Indian screens haven’t seen before.

The first installment Baahubali: The Beginning had a historic run at the box office, breaking records, grossing over Rs 600 crore globally. Showing on 9000 screens in not an easy task.



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