SP Balu says I don’t know…

Popular singer Balasubrahmanyam said that he does not know why popular director Ilaya Raja has sent a legal notice to him. He also added that he was the first to give Raja an opportunity in his music troupe. There is no other Ilaya Raja he stated.

He said that one day the issue should get resolved with Raja. He said that it was unfortunate that a friend like Raja has sent him a legal notice. Instead Raja should have called him and said not to sing his songs opined Balasubrahmanyam.

He came to know Raja through Bharati Raja and they are very thick friends. Now he is not singing for Raja after that legal notice. Balu said that NTR senior is one of the innocent persons he has come across and all the music directors encouraged him like anything.

Balu would like to be a singer always.



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