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Sonia’s condition is stable

Sonia Gandhi UPAs chairperson and the mother of Congress Chief Rahul Gandi was admitted to a Hospital in Delhi as she was unwell. She was away in Shimla to oversee the construction of a house being done by her daughter Priyanka Gandhi.

Sonia was rushed to the hospital in her own car while the ambulance could not come on time.

The ambulance later could reach the car on the way and Sonia Gandhi was taken into the ambulance.

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Earlier also Sonia has flown abroad for treatment. Her condition no was alright it is reported and she is recovering. The construction work of Priyanakas house is going on at a high altitude it is reported.

At the same time, Priyanka also has received a notice about the house that the land falls in High-security zone and is part of the Presidential bungalow in that area.



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