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Sonia better Indian than many: Rahul

My Mother Sonia Gandhi is more Indian than anybody said the AICC chief Rahul Gandhi. He was addressing the media here on the last day of the campaign in Karnataka elections. This was in response to the Jibe made by Prime Minister Modi that Rahul should speak in his mother’s language. Rahul clarified that to the media that his mother was born in Italy but she lived the majority of her life in India.

My mother has sacrificed for the country, She has suffered for the country and still works hard for the development of the country said, Rahul Gandhi. Modi is distracting the people of the country and he has nothing to say or offer to the people of Karnataka. I will Buddha, let him give me the anger, but i will not take it and I will keep quite Rahul said.

Rahul charged that most of the election manifesto from BJP was just a copy paste of the Congress copy. They just made the manifesto in a closed room. He also chided at the way BJP treats Dalits. Karnataka gives more funds to Dalits than the central government he said.

Sonia better Indian than many: Rahul

PM is ready to discuss the bullet train but not the issues of women he said. PM has anger against me, but I don’t have anything against him he clarified. He was confident that the Congress would be winning the elections in Karnataka. The polling is on 12th and the result is on 15nth.

Majority of the surveys indicate that the Congress has edge over BJP. But finally, the JDS will be the Kingmaker.



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